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Kleopatra: Direct way to WKD Lookup a key
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Kleopatra has "Lookup Key" which searches the keyservers. It also does an implicit "--locate-key" (WKD Search) when recipients are entered.

It should combine WKD Lookup with the Keyserver Lookup feature.

I think the best implementation might be the following:

  1. When searching for something that looks like a mailbox do a --locate-key with WKD enabled.
    1. If no key is found, do a keyserver search as we do now.
    2. If a key is found, show that key.
      1. Show an additional button "Search on Keyservers" so that advanced users still have the option to skip WKD and we don't have feature loss. (E.g. this could be important of X509 keyservers)



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Ha, I wish e-mail-like searches would be done using only WKD with no fallbacks to keyservers... that way keys would be "more verified"... but I understand it may be not practical :)

FWIW, we record the origin of the keys. So you have the information. Use --with-key-origin in a key listing. GPGME also has the info.

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This is basically done although not exactly as proposed here.
But WKD and Keyserver search are now combined. With WKD search only if you configure keyserver "none".