Cannot permanently disable online version check
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I'm trying to disable 'Allow online software version check' options located on 'Settings' -> 'Configure Kleopatra' -> 'GnuPG System' -> 'Network' tab.
Every time Kleopatra is started, this option is being enabled again.

I have also tried to manually remove 'allow-version-check' from dirmngr.conf but it's being added when Kleopatra starts.

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Right. The only way to disable it is if an update notification pops up. If you then unselect "Show this notification for future updates" it is disabled. And you only get to that dialog if there is an update check.

It would be better if it only sets allow-version-check once and if its removed will never set it again. So Bug -> Normal prio.

Edit %APPDATA%\kleopatra\kleopatrarc

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Will be fixed with the next release. With the next release kleopatra will only set "allow-version-check" once except if the user explicitly selects "help -> check for updates".

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Thanks a lot!

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Gpg4win-3.1.3 was released.