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GPGOL crash in OL2016
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GPGOL plugin crashes OL2016 on Win 10 x64 in a consisten manner.
To reproduce:

  1. Open OL2016
  2. Receive an email that is signed
  3. The email is displayed and the signature verified. Green bar and message readable.
  4. Switch to another message
  5. Stitch back to the signed message received before. OL2016 Crashes
  6. OL2016 automatically restarts and the signed message is selected and visible.
  7. Goto step 4.

Replacing the gpgol.dll from GPG4win 3.1.2 (dll 2.2.0) the systems behaves as expected, no more crashes.
Attached is a log from this procedure.


GPG4WIN 3.1.3 GPGOL 2.3.0

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Thank you for the report. I can't reproduce this behavior of course :-/ and from a first glance I also don't see any problem in your log. The last line logged says "GpgOL code is done, handing it back to Outlook".

Still I give this high priority and will look into it some more as this is a regression for you and the error is critical in your setup.

Cureently with the same machine using the old DLL I'm able to work with no problems. I tried several times to switch back to the new DLL and the problem appears immediatly.
If you need some other log I can produce it, just direct me. I used the procedure to enable gpgol logs I found on the forums.

aheinecke changed the task status from Open to Testing.Sep 25 2018, 11:33 AM

This was a regression from 59e8a7ee3bcd16275091c9535626e49fc2a6c4af where a performance improvement to cache an object caused this problem.

ERROR/mlang-charset.cpp:ansi_charset_to_utf8: Failed to find charset for: iso-8859-15

^ That error was not properly handled and deleted the cached object. When it was accessed again afterwards it crashed.

I've opened T4156 for why the charset can't be found. You probably have encoding issues with signed / encrypted mails.

I'll let you know when I have an installer with this fix.

This was fixed with the Gpg4win-3.1.4 release. Apologies that I forgot to mention a pre release version / installer in this issue.