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gpgrt-config Gentoo/Fedora/Arch/Slackware-style multilib support
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Having lib, lib32, and lib64... it's better to be friendly to such use case.

IIUC, here are some info:

  • they (will) use <host_alias>-gpgrt-config script
  • in configure, CC is cc or gcc with no <host_alias>- prefix

(I feel the terminology "multilib" is not that accurate (i.e., it's confusing GNU toolchain's multilib) )

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I need more information:

  • where is pkg-config path for <host_alias>? How is it determined?
    • 32-bit: /lib or /lib32?
    • 64-bit: /lib or /lib64?
    • something like x32: where???

I consider:

  • Single gpgrt-config is better (and simpler)
  • new option --for-host=<host_alias>? (--host is already used for query for host)
  • update *.m4 using this new option to provide host information to determine the path
gniibe renamed this task from gpgrt-config Gentoo/Fedora-style multilib support to gpgrt-config Gentoo/Fedora/Arch/Slackware-style multilib support.Oct 26 2018, 1:46 PM
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gniibe updated the task description. (Show Details)
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I decided to change gpgrt-config to have --libdir option.
By supplying libdir directly, it's no need anymore to detect the directory by CC variable.
gpg-error.m4 is also updated.