Add getrandom support for the BSDs
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FreeBSD 12 has a getrandom syscall; see D471 for discussion

werner created this task.Dec 13 2018, 4:28 PM
gniibe added a subscriber: gniibe.Dec 17 2018, 5:20 AM

In FreeBSD, getrandom(3) became available, when getrandom(2) was added. <-- This is my theory.
If this is true, just use getrandom(3), not using getrandom(2) by syscall.

Besides, glibc (>= 2.25) have getrandom(3) now (reference:

OpenBSD uses getentropy(2). glibc (>= 2.25) has getentropy(3), too.

I think we should stick with the syscall for Linux.

Confirmed my theory of getentropy(3):

Since our usage of getrandom is with flag 0, which is same as getentropy, I think that it's good to add HAVE_GETENTROPY feature macro to support getentropy for *BSD (both of FreeBSD and OpenBSD in mind).

My point is: Let us support OpenBSD too.

This is mine:

Update to prefer syscall on GNU/Linux (no need to audit libc implementation):

gniibe added a comment.Jan 8 2019, 1:16 AM

In my patch, for OpenBSD and FreeBSD (well, other than GNU/Linux), it uses getentropy if available. For GNU/Linux, we use the local macro of getentropy (regardless of the availability of the function), keeping exactly same behavior of syscall with __NR_getrandom.

Sorry for long reply, your change looks ok even though dunno it is meaningful those _gcry_pre_syscall ()/_gcry_post_syscall () surrounding get entropy for example.

These are hooks so that co-operative thread libraries (like ntph) are able to yield control to the system's thread's implementation.

All right then, fine by me.

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Pushed to master, fixing about return value of getentropy. Tested on FreeBSD 12. Tested on FreeBSD 11 where getentropy is not available.