Kleopatra: Missing error handling when changing expiry
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In Kleopatra when you change the expiry of a Key and enter a wrong passphrase or cancel the pinentry it still reports a success.


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Hi,aheinecke。my kleopatra version is "kleopatra Version 3.1.4-gpg4win-3.1.5".and when change expiry date, i enter a wrong passphrase or choose "cancle". it shows successfully. what can i do for solve this question. thanks.


I'm not sure yet where the bug lives. It's either in GPGME's editkeyinteractor that ignores the error / cancel or in Kleopatra itself. I'll have to look into it. Btw. I do not think that this should have high priority because it is not a new regression and while it is a Bug and wrong it is not really harmful.

If you want to fix it yourself the first step would probably be to compile Kleopatra / GPGME for a developer version. This is very complicated. There is documentation for this in https://dev.gnupg.org/source/gpg4win/browse/master/README but you will need a debian linux system for it.

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@werner This issue also applies to GPA. Looking at the edit key interface I can't see how we can handle this. Am I overlooking something or do we just loose the error information / is it not emited by gnupg?

when can we fix it?

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Werner: I'm assigning this to you. Because the underlying reason is a missing status from gpg. I think we should add that for 2.3 as any new status line tends to break things.