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Release GPGME-1.13.1
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I think one is needed. Gpg4win uses the current master and it works fine as far as I can see. I've even tested GPA a bit ;-)
There are critical fixes for Windows in it.

  • cpp: gpgme_set_global_flag is now wrapped. [T4471]
  • w32: Improved handling of unicode install paths. [T4453]
  • w32: The gpgme_io_spawn error message is now only shown once. [T4453]
  • Fixed a crash introduced in 1.13.0 when working with S/MIME. [T4556]
  • w32: Fixed format string errors introduced in 1.13.0 that could cause crashes. [T4440]
  • w32: Fixed an error in the new diagnostic gpgsm support introduced in 1.13.0 that caused crashes in low fd scenarios. [T4439]
  • python: Fixed a DecryptionError Exception. [T4478]
  • python: No longer raises BadSignatures from decrypt(verify=True). [T4276]