libgcrypt: POWER GHASH Vector Acceleration
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Use POWER8 and POWER9 ISA enhancements to improve the performance of GHASH. Demonstrate why achieved performance of AES-GCM is close to optimal for the platform. Optimized implementations in the Cryptogams repository[1] may serve as useful references. Financial bounty upon completion and community acceptance of patches.


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Please STOP adding such bug reports or feature requests. They are not helpful and such discussion are better done at the mailing list. In case you want to spend money to speed up things you may contact for a quote.

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@werner I would be willing to share 20% to the reviewer of my patches. (or 25% in this case, as @jwilk went through the effort to even write a test to point out a bug in my code). However, so far that has been entirely @jwilk who has been reviewing my patches.

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I'll start working on PowerPC GHASH implementation in September after SHA2 is done.

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