gpgrt: enable the environment to set compiler and linker flags for helper tools
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gpg-error includes at least locally-built programs mkheader, mkerrcodes, and mkw32errmap that need to be run on the machine while building.

It uses $(CC_FOR_BUILD) but does not pass through any arguments from the environment.

gpg-error should allow the environment to set flags specific to this build (we don't want to use standard CFLAGS etc because those could be quite different in the case of cross-compilation).

This is similar to T4641 (but for gpgrt instead of libassuan)

dkg created this task.Jul 18 2019, 5:20 PM
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I've just pushed rE732855a483709345a5c0f49504f45cb8da3f883a to dkg-fix-T4643 in the gpg-error git repository. I don't know why it is not yet visible here.

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Thank you. Merged.

It takes some time for the Phabricator to update information. I don't know for libassuan repo (perhaps, we need some more setting tweak.)

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