Enable AES GCM in FIPS mode
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Since commit [0] from 2013, GCM is disabled in FIPS mode as the invocation of the _gcry_cipher_gcm_setiv function disables encryption:

_gcry_cipher_gcm_setiv (gcry_cipher_hd_t c, const byte *iv, size_t ivlen)
  c->marks.iv = 0;
  c->marks.tag = 0;
  c->u_mode.gcm.disallow_encryption_because_of_setiv_in_fips_mode = 0;

  if (fips_mode ())
      /* Direct invocation of GCM setiv in FIPS mode disables encryption. */
      c->u_mode.gcm.disallow_encryption_because_of_setiv_in_fips_mode = 1;

  return _gcry_cipher_gcm_initiv (c, iv, ivlen);

There is another commit [1] that fixes the counter overflow handling in AES-GCM.

What is needed to have AES-GCM working in FIPS mode?

[0] https://dev.gnupg.org/rC56d352d6bdcf7abaa33c3399741f5063e2ddc32a
[1] https://dev.gnupg.org/rC3caf35a49cb62fb59834b5027ff299e2363a03c4


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This requires re-evaluation of Libgcrypt to match the current FIPS specs.

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