Windows builds use "winepath" when it is available
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Build time of for example of libgpg-error is very slow for me when wine is installed.

A clean libgpg-error windows build time for me is 33 seconds with 25 make jobs on a 24 thread machine.
If I replace "winepath" with /usr/bin/false this same build is reduced to 4.5 seconds.

I don't understand why the compile and in libgpg-error uses winepath. Maybe for some integrated testing to run tests when wine is installed?

Has low prio for me because I now have a workaround but it took me a bit to find the problem.

werner added a comment.Fri, Sep 4, 3:18 PM

Winepath starts calls the full Wine engine just convert file names to DOS format. This is used by libtool but if winepath can't be executed, it doesn't care. So the given solution (using /etc/alternatives/winepath -> /bin/false) can be used.

We can of course update our copy of libtools (i.e. to disable this. Might be a good idea the next time we need to fix something.