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Kleopatra: Disable rich text in notepad widget
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DISCLAIMER: It is entirely possible that Kleopatra's notepad is supposed to support encrypting rich text, in which case this bug report is invalid. However, I believe decryption/verification of rich text should not fail if the content is valid PGP.
Relevant KDE bug report here:

When posting from a rich text source (e.g. a browser or LibreOffice), Kleopatra's notepad widget will accept the formatting. For encrypted messages from such sources, verifying or decrypting may fail.

Attached document (KDE bugtracker):


  1. Download attached test file. It includes a PGP signed message with some formatting. I used this key to sign the message:
  2. Copy and paste contents into Kleopatra's notepad and click "Decrypt / Verify Notepad".


With certificate:
Ian Schwarz <> (D80A 4CF9 997F 2ABF)
The signature is invalid: Bad signature


Signature created on Samstag, 9. Mai 2020 11:21:33 CEST
With certificate:
Ian Schwarz <> (D80A 4CF9 997F 2ABF)
The signature is valid.

Removing the formatting by pasting into Kate before pasting it into Kleopatra's notepad leads to the verification succeeding.

I have created a pull request on GitHub (

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Thanks for the nice report. The fix was completely straightforward, I just didn't think about rich text when I implemented it.

I've fixed it and tested by pasting your sample. It gave me a good signature after my fix.

Argh, I had overlooked that you even mention a pull request.
So Apologies that I did not attribute the fix directly to you.

Cool, thanks for fixing this!

Do you think you could add a line to your GitHub readme so people know to come here in the future? :-)