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GpgOL breaks URLs by inserting a line break after column 71 in text-only messages
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Tested with mails from, subject e. g. from today
[Buerger-Cert-Warnmeldung] TW-T20-0127 - Mozilla Firefox für Android: Schwachstelle ermöglicht Offenlegung von Informationen

or with emails from a colleague sent with Tobit David

or with all mails from, subject "Microsoft Security Update Releases" e. g. 2020-06-12.
This bug exists already for a very long time (I thought it was a fault on the sender's side since yesterday when I tested :-).

We sent test emails to Office 365 (Enterprise),, gmail and in CC - the same email without issues, URLs clickable, if viewed in a web browser and in Outlook 365 as soon as we disable the GpgOL Add-In. Re-Activating breaks the URLs again.



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It's not only for URL's. I've tested with any long line when sending "text/plain" GpgOL properly sends this but displays it wrongly.

Strange that this has never been reported before.

Yes :-). I see it also in line rows (many '_' characters). As I wrote, I (and probably all others) always exptected this to be a formatting error on the sender's side :-).

After digging through our complete parser code it turns out that we did everything correctly but Outlook adds the line break when we change the bodyformat from HTML to plain text. So this issue only existed since the fix for: T4639

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Thank you, Andre. Just updated here, problem fixed.