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Kleopatra: Fix handling of UNC paths
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If a file is placed on a shared file system on Windows and the file system is not mounted as a drive the encryption fails to place the files properly.



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aheinecke changed the task status from Open to Testing.Jan 26 2021, 1:10 PM

Should be fixed in the next version.

I think this issue is not resolved completely:
Currently I can see the same behaviour as descrived in T5330 ( in all current versions of Kleopatra.

I have the feeling, that it is probably not only an issue with UNC paths, since I also see the problem, when I mount the network share into a drive letter and operate on this drive.
This problem can't be seen with non-network paths, i.e. no problem with local paths.

Seen in:

  • Kleopatra / Gpg4Win-4.0.3 (and some earlier versions)

Tested with:

  • Win 10-german, Win11-german, Win11-english (i.e. it is not language related)