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Kleopatra: Add recursive folder decryption
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Original report was:

Right click on folder containing one or more encrypted files and select Decrypt or Decrypt and Verify. Request fails with message "Error returned by the GnuPG user interface: Invalid argument"

The idea here is that if you select a folder and then right click it for decryption, Kleopatra creates a list of the encrypted files in this folder (identified through gpgme_data_identify) and then asks the user if she really wants to decrypt them all. In case of yes, it would just start a job for each of the files like we already do if you e.g. switch into a folder and select all files and then decrypt them.



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werner triaged this task as Normal priority.Apr 15 2021, 9:10 AM
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Please tell us more details on how we can replicate your problem. Which Windows version, any non-standard software installed, non-standard installation direcories etc. You may also provide the output of

gpgconf --show-version

which you need to run in a shell (Windows command processor, cmd.exe). To put the output into a file use

gpgconf --show-versions >gnupg-version.txt

and attach that file to this report.

I have the same message when i try to decrypt files larger than 1.5GB in size; i atached the report "gpgconf --show-version"

Thank you.

reading your report again: You clicked on a folder and expected that all encrypted files in this folder will be decrypted? That is unfortunately not supported.

Then let's get it in there. It's pretty easy to traverse a directory.

I actually agree that this makes sense. I mean at least Kleo could say: "Hey we have detected 50 files that are encryped in this folder tree, do you really want to decrypt them all?"

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I have allowed myself to edit this task to more reflect what this is about. Although the error is of course in my opinion more of a bug because it is so bad but I would rather fix it with this feature.

I did a new test and found that if it is a single file regardless of disk size, no error appears, but when there are multiple files in a single encrypted folder with a size greater than 1.5GB, the error occurs. Traverse a directory like Zorvek and Aheinecke wrote would be an optimal solution or at least some alert messsage to be aware of the action no supported.