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Kleopatra: Crash when decrypting large archives
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After reports about this I have created a 16 gb archive with some files around 1gb and one of about 6 gb. When I try to decrypt the archive with Kleopatra it crashes in the end and I don't get the decrypted data.

In the debug log I see that it keeps getting progress even after the decryption is finished. Something looks fishy there.
Next I'll try to reproduce this on Linux for better debugging.



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aheinecke created this task.

There seem to be two parts to this problem. One is the encryption side where gpgtar reports "file has grown" on large files and then the crash when Kleopatra decrypts.

I have received a convincing report that Kleopatra crashes when encrypting or decrypting Folder structures > 30GB. So I need to at least test this, too.

Also there was a report that .zip archives in the folder structure cause problems, this is unrelated and I will put it in a different issue if I can find any problem but I just wanted to note it here, too so that it is not forgotten.

I am pretty sure that this was the issue we had analyzed with QProcess. Where the fix will be T5478 that will rework how Kleo handles archives altogether.