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Release GPGME 1.16.0
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Noteworthy changes in version 1.16.0 (2021-06-24)

  • New context flag "cert-expire". [T5505]
  • New data flags "io-buffer-size" and "sensitive". [T5478]
  • Increase I/O buffer size from 512 to 4k under Windows.
  • cpp,qt: Add support for trust signatures. [T5421]
  • qt: Add support for flags in LDAP server options. [T5217]
  • qt: Fix too high memory consumption due to QProcess. [T5475]
  • qt: Do not set empty base DN as query of keyserver URL. [T5465]
  • qt: Extend SignKeyJob to create signatures with expiration date. [T5506]
  • python: New optional parameter filter_signatures for decrypt. [T5292]
  • Interface changes relative to the 1.15.1 release:
gpgme_set_ctx_flag                    EXTENDED: New flag 'cert-expire'.
cpp: SignKeyJob::setTrustSignature         NEW.
cpp: TrustSignatureTrust                   NEW.
cpp: GpgSignKeyEditInteractor::setTrustSignatureTrust NEW.
cpp: GpgSignKeyEditInteractor::setTrustSignatureDepth NEW.
cpp: GpgSignKeyEditInteractor::setTrustSignatureScope NEW.
cpp: UserID::Signature::isTrustSignature   NEW.
cpp: UserID::Signature::trustValue         NEW.
cpp: UserID::Signature::trustDepth         NEW.
cpp: UserID::Signature::trustScope         NEW.
gpgme_key_sig_t                       EXTENDED: New field 'trust_depth'.
gpgme_key_sig_t                       EXTENDED: New field 'trust_value'.
gpgme_key_sig_t                       EXTENDED: New field 'trust_scope'.
GPGME_KEYSIGN_FORCE                   NEW.
qt: CryptoConfig::entry               CHANGED: Added overload; deprecated old

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