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Release GPGME 1.17.0
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Noteworthy changes in version 1.17.0 (2022-02-07)

  • New context flag "key-origin". [T5733]
  • New context flag "import-filter". [T5739]
  • New export mode to export secret subkeys. [T5757]
  • Detect errors during the export of secret keys. [T5766]
  • New function gpgme_op_receive_keys to import keys from a keyserver without first running a key listing. [T5808]
  • Detect bad passphrase error in certificate import. [T5713]
  • Allow setting --key-origin when importing keys. [T5733]
  • Support components "keyboxd", "gpg-agent", "scdaemon", "dirmngr", "pinentry", and "socketdir" in gpgme_get_dirinfo. [T5727,T5613]
  • Under Unix use poll(2) instead of select(2), when available. [T2385]
  • Do not use --flat_namespace when linking for macOS. [T5610]
  • Fix results returned by gpgme_data_* functions. [T5481]
  • Support closefrom also for glibc. [rM4b64774b6d]
  • cpp,qt: Add support for export of secret keys and secret subkeys. [T5757]
  • cpp,qt: Support for adding existing subkeys to other keys. [T5770]
  • qt: Extend ChangeExpiryJob to change expiration of primary key and of subkeys at the same time. [T4717]
  • qt: Expect UTF-8 on stderr on Windows. [rM8fe1546282]
  • qt: Allow retrieving the default value of a config entry. [T5515]
  • Interface changes relative to the 1.16.0 release:
gpgme_op_receive_keys                      NEW.
gpgme_op_receive_keys_start                NEW.
qt: Protocol::secretSubkeyExportJob        NEW.
cpp: Context::exportSecretSubkeys          NEW.
cpp: Context::startSecretSubkeyExport      NEW.
qt: Protocol::secretKeyExportJob      CHANGED: Param 'charset' is ignored.
cpp: Context::exportKeys                   NEW.
cpp: Context::startKeyExport               NEW.
cpp: Context::exportSecretKeys             NEW.
cpp: Context::startSecretKeyExport         NEW.
cpp: GpgAddExistingSubkeyEditInteractor    NEW.
gpgme_set_ctx_flag                    EXTENDED: New flag 'key-origin'.
gpgme_set_ctx_flag                    EXTENDED: New flag 'import-filter'.
qt: ChangeExpiryJob::Option                NEW.
qt: ChangeExpiryJob::Options               NEW.
qt: ChangeExpiryJob::setOptions            NEW.
qt: ChangeExpiryJob::options               NEW.
qt: AddExistingSubkeyJob                   NEW.
qt: Protocol::addExistingSubkeyJob         NEW.

[c=C37/A26/R0 cpp=C20/A14/R0 qt=C14/A7/R0]

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Note the ABI bug the Qt version of 1.17.0 which is fixed with 1.17.1 (T5872)