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After end of v3.1.16 setup Kleopatra desktop icon was created with wrong saved path for own icon
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What I'm reporting here has happened after end of setup on my client with conditions already fully explained in bug T5593.
Because of my client is still running with 2nd installation of gpg4win-3.1.16.exe I'm currently also unable to know if under normal conditions (so no PATH related errors occurring during gpg4win-3.1.16.exe installation) Kleopatra desktop icon might still be created with wrong saved path for own icon (so for now I assume same error will occur again).



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Woops, I also forgot to say that only Kleopatra icon I found on my desktop has this problem. Original folder path of Kleopatra.lnk shortcut I have on my Desktop is C:\Users\Public\Desktop.
While 'Kleopatra.lnk_' I uploaded after renaming its extension as 'lnk_' was just another copy of it I temporarily put on my own Desktop only for uploading.

OK, while I'll be awaiting for anyone to possibly answer my last T5593 'Sat, Sep 18, 6:29 PM' question, just for sake of completeness I've also been able to check that inside registry (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Gpg4win\kleopatra\Capabilities) Kleopatra icon has correct expected value so ApplicationIcon (REG_SZ) = 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Gpg4win\bin\kleopatra.exe,0' (N.B. preceding text string into registry is obviously unquoted ). ;-D