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libgcrypt: bulk AES-GCM acceleration for ppc64le
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To implement AES-GCM bulk function to improve AES-GCM performance using Power Assembly.

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The implementation is for Power 10 and above. The improvement is as follow for AES128,


GCM enc |     0.240 ns/B      3969 MiB/s         - c/B
GCM dec |     0.240 ns/B      3966 MiB/s         - c/B


GCM enc |     0.192 ns/B      4971 MiB/s         - c/B
GCM dec |     0.193 ns/B      4951 MiB/s         - c/B

The benchmark was run on P10 with 3.447 GHz.

Also, This is the first time I am using the platform, I would need advise how to submit the patch. Thanks.

I have upload my patch here.

Files added and changed.

  2. cipher/rijndael.c
  3. cipher/rijndael-p10le.c - new
  4. cipher/
  5. cipher/rijndael-gcm-p10le.s - new
  6. gsrc/10lib.h
  7. src/hwf-ppc.c
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FWIW: We need a DCO; see doc/HACKING.

Hi Werner, Here is the DCO. Thanks.

Please read doc/HACKING carefully on the process of sending DCO the right way.

I sent a copy to Hope this is the right process. Thanks.