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libgcrypt: random: Remove the feature getting randomness from random daemon
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random daemon has been experimental and not used.
Now, most machine has random generator hardware.

It's good to stop use of the daemon in libgcrypt.

See D544: Deprecation of random daemon part 1 (remove use of random daemon).

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gniibe triaged this task as Normal priority.Nov 30 2021, 5:11 AM
gniibe created this task.
gniibe renamed this task from libgcrypt: random: Remove access to random daemon to libgcrypt: random: Remove the feature getting randomness from random daemon.Nov 30 2021, 10:57 AM

the random daemon is still part of the and the undefined _gcry_daemon_initialize_basics() and _gcry_daemon_randomize() is still used under the USE_RANDOM_DAEMON guard in several places. I think at least the following cases should be removed too (or the configure check to be modified to throw error or warning):

$ git grep -i random_daemon
[...]              [use_random_daemon=$enableval],              [use_random_daemon=no])$use_random_daemon) test x$use_random_daemon = xyes ; then    AC_DEFINE(USE_RANDOM_DAEMON,1,, test x$use_random_daemon = xyes) test "$use_random_daemon" = "yes"; then
random/random-csprng.c:#ifdef USE_RANDOM_DAEMON
random/random-csprng.c:#endif /*USE_RANDOM_DAEMON*/
random/random.h:#ifdef USE_RANDOM_DAEMON
random/random.h:#endif /*USE_RANDOM_DAEMON*/

Good catch. I pushed the change to remove use of random daemon remained.

Still, build of random daemon (gcryptrnd) itself is remained (in and src/gcryptrnd.c and src/getrandom.c).

It is unlikely that there are some users for gcryptrnd, but still, it's better for libgcrypt to be conservative for the migration; The plan is: (1) Remove the use of the random daemon in 1.10, then, (2) Remove the random daemon in 1.11.

Pushed another patch to clarify the semantics of --enable-random-daemon;
It's only for building gcryptrnd and the test program getrandom.

gniibe removed a project: Restricted Project.