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Kleopatra: Result dialog does not have focus after operation
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It has been reported that when the resultdialog has all actions completed the window is in the background. It seems to happen in practice that the result dialog is hidden in the background and users do not notice that a decryption is finished.

Since the fix for T5533 it should only require a Raise.

I have not yet reproduced this.

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On which OS resp. with which window manager does this problem occur?

This occurs on Windows. But if a raise is really missing, it might also occur with other window managers.

I'm also seeing this, but that's probably due to me using "focus follows mouse" and the pinentry being a different application. When the pinentry goes away the window manager gives focus to the window below the mouse which very often isn't Kleopatra when I have been testing keyboard navigation.

I'm wondering if this happens when users have made some other application window active. In this case, I'm pretty sure there is no way on Windows to bring the result dialog to the front. An alternative might be to use a notification to inform the user that the operation is completed, either always or only if we notice that the result dialog isn't active.