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Kleopatra: Make it usable with 400 % magnification
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Using Kleopatra should be possible for people using 400 % magnification.

For testing with 100 % magnification this means:

  • All involved dialogs should still be usable with keyboard only if the width of the window is reduced to 480 pixels (i.e. 25 % of FullHD width) or if Kleopatra is started with 400 % scaling by setting the environment variable QT_SCALE_FACTOR=4.
  • No UI elements should be cropped/clipped.
  • Horizontal scrollbars are avoided as much as possible.

Event Timeline

ikloecker triaged this task as Normal priority.Mar 24 2022, 3:25 PM
ikloecker created this task.

Not working on this at the moment.

The external a11y testers (working on windows) wrote:

Visually impaired, motor impaired and cognitively impaired users have difficulty perceiving the content if it has to be scrolled in two dimensions. Therefore, the content should wrap when magnified up to 400% so that it only needs to be scrolled vertically.

With 400% magnification some content is cut off and can't be scrolled into the visible area. E.g. some pop-up windows with interactive elements were cut of at the lower screen border, making those inaccessible. (Screenshot of details window as example.)

Some context menus are cut off at the right edge of the screen. As a result, some entries are not fully visible. (Screenshot of right-click menu for a certificate as example.)

The content should wrap when enlarged up to 400% so that all elements are accessible and it is only necessary to scroll vertically.

I want to add that the scrolling/moving windows around (on Linux) is made more annoying than it could be because windows do not adapt in size if hardly any content is shown. Therefore you might have to scroll quite a lot through an empty window before finding the OK button in the lower right corner.