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Kleopatra: Usability improvement for Notepad
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Ingo I am assigning this directly to you because I also want to hear your opinion with a thought to accessibility.

I am not a fan of the current notepad recipients. I would rather have a split widget with a vertical split between notepad and recipients with a moveable splitter. So that users can decide to enlarge the notepad or the recipients by moving the splitter.

Originally I had chosen the Tab Widget because I planned to have the Notepad as MIME Reader which would also show attachments and other parts of the MIME Structure. That is still a goal but I think in this case movable splitters are better then tabs.

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aheinecke triaged this task as Wishlist priority.Apr 29 2022, 1:08 PM
aheinecke created this task.

I fully agree. I also think that the separate recipient tab are rather annoying, in particular, because I usually want to select the recipients before I write the text. Accessibility will also benefit if all inputs can be reached easily with the Tab key without the need to switch between different tabs.

also, in the recipient tab the "encrypt with passphrase" option is at the very bottom and so far away from the other options that it is easily overlooked, if the window is fullsized.

Another thing we noticed today is that the pgpOnly check that determines if S/MIME and PGP or only PGP is shown (The radio buttons at the top right corner) is done only at initialization. So if you import your first S/MIME certs it will still only offer PGP certs and no option to switch. Just as a note here instead of a different issue because it is mostly for testing but should be improved on an update.