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pinentry-qt: Earlier passphrase hint when creating new key
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When you create a new key in kleopatra, the only instruction shown is "Please enter the passphrase to
protect your new key". If you enter a passphrase shorter than 9 characters, you only get a warning and
"A passphrase should be at least 9 characters long. A passphrase may not be a known term or match certain pattern."
after you have clicked "OK" in the new pinentry window for the second try.

I would at least expect a short note "(>= 9 characters)" in the first pinentry window.

And add that information in the warning that appears if you try an empty password, too.
(Instead of just "An empty passphrase is not allowed.")

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ikloecker renamed this task from earlier passphrase hint when creating new key to pinentry-qt: Earlier passphrase hint when creating new key.Fri, Jul 15, 12:57 PM

It's already possible to define a short and a long hint for the constraints via the file doc/help.txt and its translations. This is a standard technique used by GnuPG for customization of several UI texts. Since the passphrase constraints can be very complex we don't try to come up with a suitable default hint.

Note that the hints are only displayed/used if the constraints are actually enforced.

This has been implemented with T5517: Improvements for symmetric encryption and T5532: pinentry: Add support for checking passphrase constraints to pinentry-qt.

it seems to be a GnuPG-VSD packaging issue, then

werner triaged this task as Normal priority.Tue, Jul 26, 10:56 AM