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GpgOL: Pinentry prompt not shown for smartcards when signing
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When signing with a Smartcard and the Smartcard is not inserted GpgOL will show the "encrypting ..." overlay and disable the outlook window.

The Pinentry dialog to insert the smartcard is never shown, though. In the GPGME log I can see that pinentry launched. My suspicion is that the AttachThreadInput trick we use to bring pinentry to the foreground, and which now is implemented in qtbase causes pinentry to attach to a disabled outlook and not to our enabled overlay.

I am curious though why this only happens for Smartcards and not with the general password entry field.

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This works now with the fix in pinentry that uses the same code to bring the smartcard insertion dialog to the front as we use in the password entry dialog.
Before I was able to reproduce the issue, now it works as expected:

Does the progress bar really say "Verschlusseln" (with u instead of ü) or this is a bug in the screen capture tool? In the pinentry dialog there are also two ü that are displayed as u.

Right, I think I never fixed this but someone changed the ü to u in translation to workaround it. That was what is about. I think I'll reopen this one.