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Kleopatra: Simplify Ownertrust dialog
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From user feedback and personal Experience I find the Ownertrust dialog in Kleopatra too complicated for our target audience. If someone wants to set marginal owner trust the command line should be used.

I would like to have this dialog simplified to:

Do you want to allow <Primary UserID KeyID> to mark certificates as valid (VS-NfD compliant) for you? (VS-NfD of course only in the VS-NfD Mode)

Below in Italics: "This means that you trust the owner of this key to check fingerprints and confirm the identities of others by accepting their certifications as trustworthy."

[Yes] [No]

No-> Unknown trust
Yes-> Full trust

If the Secret Key is aviailable instead:
Is <Primary UserID KeyID> your own certificate?
[Yes] [No]

Yes -> Ultimate Trust
No -> Open the Dialog for a third party certificate next (the one above).

Wording is mostly a suggestion but I think this would be enough.

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aheinecke triaged this task as Normal priority.Aug 23 2022, 3:39 PM
aheinecke created this task.

I am fine with that. No need for the WoT bells and whistles

For better usability and accessibility the [Yes] [No] buttons should be something like [Trust Owner] [Don't Trust Owner] resp. [Yes, This is My Key] [No, That's Not My Key].

Sure. I think we can do this after 3.1.24. I don't want to have additional string changes now as we have translation at 100%