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can't open gpg-agent
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From gnupg-w32-2.2.30 above and gnupg-w32-2.3.2 above, gpg cannot open gpg-agent. The error message is like:

>gpg -d password.txt.gpg
gpg: encrypted with elg2048 key, ID AABE0D7867BFA077, created 2008-03-25
      "Lu Wei <>"
gpg: can't connect to the gpg-agent: Filename too long
gpg: can't connect to the gpg-agent: Filename too long
gpg: keydb_search failed: No agent running
gpg: public key decryption failed: No secret key
gpg: decryption failed: No secret key

"Filename too long" is confusing since that's not true. Test environment is Windows XP SP3.
Maybe it's another WinXP specific problem; but if it could be resolved easily, please take a look, and I am ready to help testing.


2.2.30 above, 2.3.2 above

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What is the output of gpgconf --list-dirs ?

E:\key>gpgconf --list-dirs
sysconfdir:C%3a\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\GNU\etc\gnupg
bindir:C%3a\Program Files\gnupg\bin
libexecdir:C%3a\Program Files\gnupg\bin
libdir:C%3a\Program Files\gnupg\lib\gnupg
datadir:C%3a\Program Files\gnupg\share\gnupg
localedir:C%3a\Program Files\gnupg\share\locale

The "sysconfdir" "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\GNU" does not exist actually. Does it matter?

No, it does not matter.

You changed %LOCALAPPDATA% to some place which is not local (i.e. e:\key). You should not do this.

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This is a support question and not a bug. You should ask such questions on the channels for Gpg4win, which does the Community support for GnuPG on Windows:

Off topic but for the record:
We do not support Windows XP anymore. If you have an offline machine that should never be updated and just keep working for decades. Use a Linux

There are absolutely no guarantees or tests that new GnuPG Versions will continue to work on Windows XP.

Yes I do understand Windows XP is not supported. Just in case it is a minor problem that is easy to fix and will not cost you much effort. I'd like to add more information: I do not change
%LOCALAPPDATA%. There is no such environment variable. A similar environment variable is:
APPDATA=C:\Documents and Settings\myname\Application Data
I do set GNUPGHOME=E:\key, which I think should be allowed because I do not want my personal info be stored in system drive.