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sha3: wrong results for large inputs
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The SHA3 functions give wrong results for inputs larger than 4GB, because the originally size_t argument handled as unsigned int in keccak_write and leads to integer overflows. This does not happen if the data is fed into the md_write by smaller chunks. More information and reproducers are available from Clemens in the attached bug.

The fix that should solve the problem (use of the size_t) is available now at gitlab: Comments welcomed.

I was considering updating the some of the hash tests to capture this issue, but did not find a simple way to do that yet so I will keep it on you to decide if you believe some regression test is needed here.


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Fix looks good to me. This could be tested with new long running test (tests/hashtest) that would allocate 4GiB+ pattern block for inputting to gcry_md_write.

Here's patch that adds 6GiB test for hashtest (with 5GiB pattern block):

The test looks good. I hope I changed the API in all the hw optimized implementations.

My poor old laptop - its RAM will now have a hard time to run the huge tests ;-)

werner triaged this task as Normal priority.Sep 26 2022, 7:36 PM

I've tested the different hw implementations (amd64, arm64, s390x) and they are all ok.

One nit that I overlooked initially is the memory leak, which is fixed with the following patch:

Patch applied to master, thanks.

One more nit regarding to the test is the format string for size_t which was using %d instead of %zu. This is fixed by the attached patch:

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