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SMIME on Outlook not working, if GPG-Plugin installed
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If this plugin installed an on Outlook activated (SMIME-Checkbox not set) Outlock can't open E-Mail and show a Error.
If SMINE-Checkbox set, the mal can be only encryped as Test-View. So on result, E-Mail will not show correct.
Only if GPG-Plugin as Add-On deactivated, Outlook can show SMIME crypted Mail correct.


last published Build (4.0.3)

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Harrypotter06 created this task.
werner raised the priority of this task from High to Needs Triage.Oct 19 2022, 12:09 PM
werner added a project: gpgol.

@werner , why set to "needs triage"? At this moment plugin must be disabled if customer read crypted SMIME E-Mails. So it is critical. disable checkbox "SMIME" will not work correct. Enable "SMIME" will only encrypt as Text, but some E-Mails have HTML.
We have this issue on all systems (Windows 10 and Windows 11)

This is the first report we have on such a problem despite of hundred thousands of users. "Triage" means that we need to look at a report to check its priority.


The first report? In history, i know, on older versions, this issue was also exist and reportet.

aheinecke added a subscriber: aheinecke.


I think there is a mixup here. I believe that you are experiencing (From 2019) which is a fairly recent regression and was discovered by our internal QA in September. As we did not get reports about this we only gave it low priority.

We had older issues like T3935 but we, and that is what werner meant are sure that it is not a general problem, both from our internal tests and because we have tons of users that use GpgOL only for PGP and S/MIME in Outlook

The issue is that if you had S/MIME enabled once and viewed Mails with that. Every viewed Mail will afterwards always be opened with GpgOL even if S/MIME is disabled. In the past this was fixed but 91c86d7cd53a190fa73f1b62372d74e331887a1c broke it again.

Could you please confirm that you had S/MIME enabled in the past, if so I would like to close this issue as a duplicate of T6192