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IMAP-Fix not integrated in 3.1.25-Codebase and GnuPG VS Desktop 3.1.25
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Due to T6203, the IMAP-Fix is still not integrated in the 3.1.25-codebase, used by "GnuPG VS Desktop".

The actual version of "GnuPG VS Desktop" / "Gpg4Win" 3.1.25 uses GpgOL 2.5.4 and is still based on 3.1.xx-codebase:;a=blob;f=packages/packages.common;hb=refs/tags/gpg4win-3.1.25#l348 (Versionen der Komponenten) (Versions of the Components)

When the patch from T6203 is not applied, encrypted communication with IMAP-Mailboxes is not possible.

Best Regards,

Veit Berwig