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Kleopatra: Update button in certificate details does not show when an update was not possible
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The update button in the certificate details (added in T5903) does return "The key hasn't changed." if it does not find the key it should check. Though the key wasn't changed locally - and the statement is therefore true in a sense - a user who clicks on the update button expects to check if the key was updated externally on the keyserver or a wkd.

Easiest method to reproduce:
Turn off your network connection, then click on the update button.

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I would ideally like a result message like "Could not connect to keyserver" if the server is not reachable and
"the key has not changed on keyserver" or "the key could not be found on keyserver" if one of those is true.
At least the last two not if the key was found via wkd, obviously, in that case a similar message for wkd.

And what do we return if no keyserver is configured?

And what do we return if no keyserver is configured?

In this case, the button should probably be disabled for OpenPGP keys.

aheinecke triaged this task as Normal priority.Mon, Jan 2, 12:09 PM
aheinecke added a subscriber: aheinecke.

If no keyserver is configured GnuPG uses its default keyserver. "disable-dirmngr" would be the option to completely disable keyserver access but that is rarely used.

I am setting this to normal prio to remove it from the needs triage list and I think it is normal.