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Kleopatra: Add refresh button in certificatedetails and an auto refresh
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When certificate details are open we do an online check for S/MIME to validate the certificate. Semantically we should in that case also do a refresh-key for the OpenPGP certificate.

At least we should have a refresh button in the certificatedetails to refresh it from the server. But I would like to have this also behind a configuration setting for automatic refresh in which case the button should be invisible. I think an auto refresh would be the best solution from a usability standpoint but from a privacy standpoint an explicit action is better. That way we keep kleoptra never doing network connections if the user does not explicitly trigger them.

I think this issue should have some priority so I classified is as normal and not wishlist because an OpenPGP key refresh is important from a security standpoint.



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I wonder if we even should change gpgme to do a key refresh when you call it in VALIDATE mode and online? Semantically this makes sense to me as this is where CRL checks for S/MIME are done. But from a conserviative standpoint this could be considered an API change if the API then does something differently and that even does a network connection. So while I consider it I don't think this is a very good idea.

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The Certificate Details window now has an Update button.

I don't think that it makes much sense to do an auto refresh (only) when the details are opened. If the automatic refresh is really important, then it needs to be performed in the background for all keys all of the time. If people want to encrypt a file, then they won't look at the certificate details for all recipients to make sure that all keys have been refreshed. They will expect that all keys are up-to-date without them having to care about this.

Please add a separate task for an automatic refresh.

For an OpenPGP key, Update now performs a simple "retrieve key" operation for the existing key, i.e. it refreshes the key with the public key found on the configured key server.

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