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Allow "refresh key/signatures" from key's context menu (from key list)
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Like suggested as a comment for, I'd wish to have a RMB (right mouse button) context menu for the list of certificates to refresh just the current one. There exists a menu entry to refresh all keys, but there may be reasons not to want that.
The feature cited basically implements the same, but at a "higher UI level" (i.e.: one level deeper in the structure).
I think the advantage of my proposal is that one might even multi-select keys and then use the context menu to refresh just those keys.

For the German UI the context menu looks like this (in 4.2.0):


gpg4win 4.2.0

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Multi select makes this nontrivial. But I think only with multi select this would really be useful. But yes it is a nice item for the backlog. E.g. if you know that a company switched their mail domain you might want to refresh all the keys from that company and you could do that with filter + multi select and refresh.

Mmh or even select all expired keys and then refresh them.

I guess I asked for it, because much older "PGP Desktop" had it already (via menu entry):

Aha, so you know how to provoke us into action, good man ;-) Alright I give it high priority. No seriously, makes sense to have we'll see when we can fit it in. Needs an extension in our internal api so probably not in the next release but sooner rather then later.

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