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gpgtar needs to support a few more general command line args to be usable by gpgme
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In "archive" mode, gpgme's gpg engine calls gpgtar (instead of gpg) with the following general options most of which probably need to be supported natively by gpgtar instead of being forwarded via --gpg-args to gpg:


I'm not sure about


which are also set by the engine's gpg_new. Those options could probably be set later in build_argv when we already know that we want to call gpgtar instead of gpg.

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ikloecker created this task.

no-tty and charset are anyway obsolete and passed only for older gpg versions. The other things should have useful defaults in gpg - in particular these defaults are taken from the same envvar as gpgme does. See send_pinentry_environment.

Okay, I'll skip those for now.

What about --enable-special-filenames and the fact that data is passed to gpg via a special FD? The idea was to pass the filenames the same way to gpgtar.

Using stdin would be much simpler. I'll see how I can convince gpgme to write the filenames to stdin instead of to the special data FD.

What about --logger-fd? Does gpgtar pass all FDs through to gpg?

ikloecker claimed this task.

Instead of using --enable-special-filenames and a separate FD the list of files is now passed to gpgtar's stdin. Similarly, we read from gpgtar's stderr instead of using a separate --logger-fd.

Any other options that gpgtar doesn't support are passed to gpg with --gpg-args.

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