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Kleopatra: Decrypting an encrypted archive fails on Windows
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How to reproduce:

  1. Double-click in the file browser (Windows Explorer) on an encrypted archive, e.g. (Unterordner-testuser-1-and-2.tar.gpg), containing the subfolder Unterordner.
  2. Kleopatra shows the Decrypt/Verify Files dialog. Click Save All.

Expected result:
The content of the archive is extracted in the current folder (next to the archive).

Actual result:
An error occurs:

Failed to move ‘C:\Users\g10code\AppData\Local\Temp\kleopatra-lZizqi\Unterordner-testuser-1-and-2.tar_1_’ to ‘C:\Users\g10code\Desktop\decrypt\Unterordner-testuser-1-and-2.tar_1_’.

Unable to create KIO worker. Unknown protocol 'file'.

Problem 1: Moving the extract archive to the final destination failed.
Problem 2: The folder name "Unterordner-testuser-1-and-2.tar_1_" deviates from the expected result.


Gpg4win 4.1.1 (e5dee8abf3045c970f4ba7a0dd7ee5daf08fe7cb)

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Problem 2 comes from the fact, that gpg4win packages gpg 2.4.0, but the new archive code needs gpg 2.4.1.

ikloecker added a subscriber: aheinecke.

Setting priority to high because this should be fixed before the next release.

@aheinecke Could this be a packaging problem?

Yes most definetly I am looking it at next

The code for the file Job etc. is definetly in there. I think it somehow tries to intospect supported protocols maybe even through dbus and this fails then. My current expectation is that we need to identify where this happens and then to hardcode some supported jobs / workers etc.

Starting to understand KIO architecture a bit better. We can easily add more protocols if we want to. For now I have just added the file plugin. I tested with moving.

Btw. I need to add KIO translations still. Then the error would have been translated.

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works, no KIO error. Gpg4win-4.1.1-beta317