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Kleopatra: make table column headings accessible
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A request from the external a11y test report regarding the tables in Kleopatra (especially the certificate list) is to make the show/hideable column headings accessible for blind users.

▪ Blind users should be able to fully perceive all content.
▪ The tables should be given the focus via TAB and then navigation should be within the table using the arrow keys.
▪ Column headings in data tables should be labeled as such

Ingos comment:
The selection of visible columns and sorting should be possible additionally via the main menu. And which column is selected for sorting could be transmitted to the screen reader as additional info to the column header.

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aheinecke added a subscriber: aheinecke.

I think the priority is low because the optional columns are not really that useful for most users and were mostly added as a "nice to have" feature. The details are in doubt available e.g. through the certificatedetails widget.