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Kleopatra / MTP: Wrong / No signature indication
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When you open a message from KMail (and I guess from Outlook too) there is no signature display, you can only see that the mail is signed in the mimetreeparser-widget.

This is because while the outer mime structure is encrypted there is additionally an inner mime strucutre that contains the signature. I believe the mimetreeparser parses this but it has no way to view it.

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aheinecke created this task.

I would like it if we could show the result list widgets above or below the message contents in the message viewer. Maybe shortened to a single line and then you can expand it to see the details.

This will be related to the next issue I am about to open to skip the result view.

This is how this looks in the qml viewer, in the qtwidget viewer there is no support for this yet. Do you want something similar for the qtwidget view?

Yes i think we need something like that, maybe shorter like this message is (VS-NfD compliant) encrypted and this message was (VS-NfD compliant) signed by "" as a single line each, with "Details" available. And then in details show some more information like who the message was also encrypted to, ideally with the user ids when we have the keys in the keyring already and not the fingerprints of the keys. Or maybe just a status indication icon like we have in GpgOL which provides more information when you click it or as a tooltip. At the very least we need to make sure that this cannot be faked by e.g. HTML Mails :) so it needs to be removed a bit from the actual mail body.

this is the current look

Alternatively this is a version of it with all the information in one inline message (and clicking on Encrypted will show the recipients and clicking on key will open the key in Kleopatra)

This is now merged in master :)