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Kleopatra or GPG: Configuration to auto publish key changes
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As discussed at some point in Erkrath during a meeting, we would like it to have it more configurable when changes are published to the companies directory when a user makes them.

Let us look at some actions in detail:

  1. Cerify others
    1. We already have that publish and export setting. We could force them to be always active so we already have that feature I think.
  2. Revoke a certification
    1. Currently shows an option in the success message.
    2. Should be configurable since 1. is also configurable.
  3. Generate a new key
    1. Well for actium this would be important. But for a user who might be generating test keys etc it could lead to problems. But a question has the same problem, when I think of 20k Users who are asked that question. I would say, 5% understand the question and answer correctly. 50% click no or X to make the question go away. 30% click yes to make the question go away. 5% Call IT Support and ask what the question means. And 10 % say that this software is too complicated and will not work with it until they get a seminar.
    2. So yes this should probably be configurable
  4. Revoke a key
    1. This has a massive "accident" written all over by it.
    2. So I don't think this should happen automatically.
  5. Change expiry date
    1. Should happen automatically when configured
  6. Adding or revoking your own user ids
    1. I think this also has "accident" potential. Typo in the UID and you always have the typo in the published record.
    2. Should happen after a clearly worded question.

I thought that something like this was meant by T6709

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