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Kleopatra: Forbid adding sign-only keys to groups
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Kleopatra should forbid adding sign-only keys to groups. And it should be made clear that groups are meant to be used for encryption by changing the wording from "groups" to "encryption groups" where appropriate. If a group with sign-only keys is imported, then the user shall be informed. Groups with sign-only keys shall be marked in the group dialog as invalid and it should not be possible to export such groups.

Rationale: Kleopatra's certificate groups are meant to be used for simplifying encrypting to a group of certificates. Currently, it's possible to add sign-only certificates to groups. This renders those groups unusable for encryption which is a usability problem. The users won't know why some group doesn't work as intended.

A secondary use case for groups is defining aliases for single keys. Forbidding sign-only keys in groups will prevent defining an alias for a sign-only key. We think this is acceptable because people can configure such an alias in their gpg.conf using gpg's group option.

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Yes I think this makes sense and a little safeguard from weird situtations where users won't know how to resolve a problem. I think we should also check for that when ever a group is opened that it does not contain such keys. In case someone "revoked" there encryption key or more commonly the encryption subkey expired. In that case a message box might make sense telling the user which key / keys are not suitable for decryption.