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Filename for multiple sigend pdf's
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Signing foo.pdf ends up in foo_signed.pdf (with "signed" being translated into local language.) Adding a second signature produces foo_signed_signed.pdf. A third signature ends up with foo_signed_signed_signed.pdf and so on.

This is not really a good solution. We need to come with a better solution.

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svuorela created this task.
svuorela added subscribers: ebo, aheinecke.

I'm going to assign this to @aheinecke - but @ebo might also have opinion on how it would be nice.

Once we have a decision, implementing it should be kind of easy.

How about adding "-2" to a document where before _signed already was in the name, i.e. foo_signed.pdf -> foo_signed-2.pdf and so on: foo_signed-3.pdf, ...

I know Microsoft is probably not the best example, but copying an already copied file with the Windows Explorer you get "Copy of Copy of Copy of originalname.txt". Moreover, I think foo_signed_signed_signed.pdf makes it pretty clear that this is a PDF that has been signed multiple times. I would leave it as-is. People who don't like the name can easily change it.

From my practical expexperience, @ebo's suggestion will work best for me. The other thing I have seen is to not use -signed but to append the initials of the signers.

werner triaged this task as Normal priority.Sep 26 2023, 3:22 PM