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Okular: filename suggestion unsuitable
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When signing the document "vsd-checksums-3.1.26.pdf" , the filename suggestion for the new, signed document is "vsd-checksums-3_signed.1.26.pdf". This occurs on Windows and Linux.

Please insert the "_signed" before the last dot and not after the first one.


gnupg-desktop-, gpg4win-4.2.0

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This should be in the newest for testing.

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Tested with current version. Works.

well yes, it ends now in "_signiert.pdf" with German language settings and "_signed.pdf" in English.

But when I want so sign another field in the document, the new suggestion is ending in "_signiert_signiert.pdf". And "_signiert_signiert_signiert.pdf" on the next round and so on. Do we want this?

Another thing: The preselected directory is the users homedir but the usual location for documents in Windows is "Documents" resp. "Dokumente" in German. This directory is fixed in Okular, it does not change according to the last used location. I think in Kleo the last used directory is selected. I think that would be a sensible setting.

"Open Document" seems to take the same default folder.
This behavior changes Kleopatras last used directory, too, which I find rather annoying.

And finally: The Signature Text is rather large, compared to the old tool, is this configurable somewhere? And maybe abbreviations for the timezones?

You want to make probably one or two separate tickets from this but as I couldn't ask you right now I just noted it down here for now.

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As this issue was originally just about the "versioned file" and where to place _signed, I think we should keep this closed. Will create new issues based on the notes here.