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Default save dir in okular/windows is wrong
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The preselected directory is the users homedir but the usual location for documents in Windows is "Documents" resp. "Dokumente" in German. This directory is fixed in Okular, it does not change according to the last used location.

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werner triaged this task as Normal priority.Sep 26 2023, 3:21 PM

On VS-Desktop- I get a suggestion of c:\Windows for saving the signed document, not the users directory any more.
So its gotten worse instead of better...

This is when opening the pdf via the "open document" button in Okular. Where the pre-selected directory for opening is C:\Windows, too. On right-click-> Okular the suggested save location is C:\Windows, too (Except for one occasion of C:\Windows\System32...)

For the default opening directory maybe the Download folder would be a good place to start instead of the Documents folder. Or the users base directory. I'm not sure.

When setting Okular as the default for .pdf and then double clicking on a document to open it in Okular, the suggested save location is the same as the original document. Which is as it should be in that case.

Is the document loaded from an existing file on disk or directly as a url from a remote server? http(s) or windows share ?

Existing file. I downloaded a pdf into the local Download folder of my Windows-VM and worked with that.

ebo added a project: Restricted Project.Nov 24 2023, 11:35 AM

should this go into the upcomming VSD release?

This is still an issue. Since the double click opens a registry entry the working directory of Okular is Windows. Since it is the working directory of the explorer so that is unusable, but it should still be able to somehow take the location from the actually opened file and use that for a save file suggestion.