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Fix off by one day in the expiry date calculation
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See T6736 for the problem. We should find a solid solution.

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See T6736#177624 for the possible cause of the off-by-one day problem.

works in Gpg4win-4.2.1-beta178
Note to self: need to check with "to the second" expiry time, in case this only occurs with summertime

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Setting a date on the command line is in UTC, displayed in Kleopatra is the corresponding local date which might therefore be one day of. This is as intended and the same for dates before or after the Y2038 cut off.
-> Works with Gpg4win-4.3.0

In case somebody wonders about the ????-??-?? for expiry dates > 2038-01-19 on the command line on Windows: That will be fixed with T6508: Port GnuPG to 64-bit Windows