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Port GnuPG to 64-bit Windows
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GnuPG is currently only available for 32 bit Windows. This is in general not a problem and a 64 bit version has no direct advantage performance wise. However, we see more and more 64 bit only servers in the wild and for them a 64 bit version would be helpful.

There are a couple of minor things we need to do; in particular socket, file descriptor, and HANDLE related code should be streamlined.

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Remaining places are:

  • common/sysutil.c debug output to format HANDLE --> T6597
  • common/sysutil.c iobuf_get_fd and its use cases --> T6580
  • agent, kbx, scdaemon, dirmngr: socket and FD2INT/INT2FD --> T6598
gniibe changed the status of subtask T6597: Introduce FD_DBG to handle the cases for displaying the value from Open to Testing.
gniibe changed the status of subtask T6580: Use gnupg_fd_t if it's relevant from Open to Testing.