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libassuan: Introduce use of gpgrt_get_syscall_clamp, no use of system_hooks
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The approach of system_hooks has dependency to npth (which is not needed, essentially).
Now, given gpgrt_get_syscall_clamp API, we can avoid entire system_hooks usage.

The new way will be:

  • libassuan side:
    • When system_hooks is set by an application, prefer that
    • Not set, get pre and post camp functions by gpgrt_get_syscall_clamp and wrap the calls to __assuan_ functions with them.
  • Applications can remove setting of system_hooks, only set the clamp functions

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GPGME has its own system hooks to provide a (different) solution for portability (Windows and POSIX).

Unfortunately, use of system hooks by GPGME has been evolved its own way. So, at least for a while, the use of system hooks cannot be removed.

This use case of GPGME is always through assuan_ctx_set_system_hooks.

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