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Release libassuan 3.0.0 and 3.0.1
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Noteworthy changes in version 3.0.0 (2024-06-18)

  • API change: For new code, which uses libassuan with nPTH, please use gpgrt_get_syscall_clamp and assuan_control, instead of the system_hooks API. Use of ASSUAN_SYSTEM_NPTH is deprecated with new API version 3. If it's really needed to keep using old implementation of ASSUAN_SYSTEM_NPTH, you need to change your your application code, to define ASSUAN_REALLY_REQUIRE_V2_NPTH_SYSTEM_HOOKS before including <assuan.h>. For an application which uses version 2 API (NEED_LIBASSUAN_API=2 in its, use of ASSUAN_SYSTEM_NPTH is still supported. [T5914]
  • New function assuan_control. [T6625]
  • New function assuan_sock_accept. [T5925]
  • New functions assuan_pipe_wait_server_termination and assuan_pipe_kill_server to support abstraction of process. [T6487]
  • Windows support for sendfd/recvfd. [T6236]
  • Implement timeout in assuan_sock_connect_byname. [T3302]
  • No support for WindowsCE, any more. [T6170]
  • New socket flags "linger" and "reuseaddr". [rA87f92fe962]

Interface changes relative to the 2.5.0 release:

assuan_sock_accept                  NEW.
assuan_pipe_wait_server_termination NEW.
assuan_pipe_kill_server             NEW.
assuan_sock_set_flag                EXTENDED.
assuan_sock_get_flag                EXTENDED.

For 3.0.1 see the comments below.

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Debian uses symbol versions to help with library transition. See for more. Although I am not sure whether this is a good idea, I just released a new version 3.0.1 with just a chnage in the symbol versioning. See rAc9e902705a

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