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Gpg4win: Create a Qt6 branch
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To prepare for a Qt 6 transition we need a Branch in Gpg4win that uses Qt6 packages.

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aheinecke created this task.

Ingo could you add more subtasks here that need to be done? So that we might assign them to Tobias.

At the moment, I don't see any subtasks to add unless we want to have separate tasks for gpg4win and the appimage. It's just a matter of updating all packages to Qt 6 and the KDE packages from the beta release, add new dependencies, check/update all patches. Other possible subtasks could be kleopatra and okular.

For Kleo I think we have it handled, different subtasks for the Appimage and Gpg4win do not make sense IMO since both rely on the same packaging and I feel confident enough to also update the AppImage. A subtask for Okular will make sense though since Sune already spent some time on it and that way we can keep an eye on it.