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Kleopatra: Make designated revoker configurable for new keys
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An Administrator in an organisation should be able through the registry (kleopatrarc registry config mechanism) to set a key as a designated revoker for all newly created keys. This will mean adding support for ‐‐add‐desig‐revoker to GPGME.

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aheinecke created this task.
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this has been implemented since february 2023 in all gnupg versions

werner changed the task status from Testing to Open.May 22 2024, 6:23 PM
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Although it is implemented in gnupg-2.2 we should add another feature: Iff this option is configured, gpg shall try to load the requested key from LDAP in the same manner as it does for a trusted-key.

I think it would be cleaner to create a separate ticket for making gpg fetch the requested key from LDAP.

ebo removed projects: gnupg22, Restricted Project, vsd33.
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I've moved the gpg task to a new ticket, T7133: Add feature to load designated revoker from LDAP
The Kleopatra task is obsolete, as it was noticed that the proposed option is already in gpg and should not be implemented twice.