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Kleopatra: Configuration dialog doesn't work
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The configuration dialog is completely broken in the Qt6/KF6 build.


  1. The actual settings are not shown in the dialog.
  2. Changing any settings (at least on the first page) doesn't enable the Apply button.
  3. Clicking OK doesn't save the entered values (at least on the first page).

All of those are regressions introduced by KF6. The reason for the first problem is that KCModule does not call load() anymore on first show.

Since we don't make use of KCModule plugins we should probably port the config dialog to KConfigDialog. Or we update KleoPageConfigDialog to the current code of KCMultiDialog.



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needs to be fixed soon. But we don't have a tag for Gpg4win 5 or whatever we call a kf6 based gpg4win.

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